Financial Model "Beauty Salon"

Financial model template in Google Sheets and Excel for a beauty salon. Allows you to calculate the cost of opening a beauty salon and the profit it will generate. Includes calculations for two revenue streams: beauty services and cosmetics sales. Suitable for calculating the business plan for a beauty salon from scratch.

  • Automatic calculation of required investments and break-even point.
  • Input of all data in separate tabs.
  • Automatic calculation of P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet.
  • Ability to set the dynamics of indicators.
  • Dashboard with visualization of key metrics.
  • Ability to compare the commercial potential of different scenarios and choose the best one.


The financial model is a key component of a business plan that allows evaluating the real commercial potential of a new business. A well-crafted financial model for a beauty salon will enable you to calculate the revenues and profits of the beauty salon with specific target audience, capacity, assortment, and operating hours.

With our financial model template, you can answer the following questions:

  • How much does it cost to open a beauty salon?
  • What profit will the beauty salon generate?
  • When will the beauty salon break even when starting from scratch?
  • What will be the expense structure of the beauty salon?
  • How much can you earn adding the sales of cosmetics?
  • How does the occupancy of the beauty salon impact profits?


A ready-to-use and easily customizable financial model template designed specifically for a beauty salon, available in Google Sheets and Excel formats. You fill in the tabs with input data specific to your case (number of seats, rent cost, renovation expenses, assortment and prices, salary levels, operating hours, etc.). The table includes comments for filling in all cells. Based on the entered data, calculations are made for income, expenses, and key indicators of the beauty salon on a monthly basis, with forecasts of profit and loss reports, cash flow, and balance sheet. Separate sheets display data on the amount of necessary investments, the break-even point timeframe, and charts with the dynamics and structure of income and expenses.


  • Two revenue streams: 'Beauty Services ' and 'Cosmetics Sales'.
  • Calculation of the maximum capacity of the beauty salon.
  • Profit calculation based on the occupancy of the beauty salon.
  • Ability to set different operating hours and occupancy rates for weekdays and weekends.
  • Multiple product categories in the beauty salon with the option to set different costs and purchase frequencies.
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation of fixed assets.
  • Automatic calculation of salary increases.
  • Determination of the break-even point and the amount of investment required to open the beauty salon.
  • Visualization of key indicators through graphs.