Financial Model "Mobile App: Three Revenue Streams"

You can view the model file in PDF format through the link.

An article on building a financial model for a mobile application is available on the blog.

Template of a financial model in Google Sheets for a mobile application with three revenue streams: "Subscription," "Advertising," and "In-App Purchases."

"S" option:
  • Automatic calculation of required investments and breakeven point
  • Revenue and expense generation based on the company's roadmap
  • Input of all data in separate tabs
  • Automatic calculation of P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet
  • Ability to set the dynamics of indicators
  • Dashboard with visualization of key metrics
  • Ability to compare the commercial potential of different monetization models and choose the best ones

"M" option:
  • All features of "S" option
  • Calculation of the Unit Economics of the mobile application
  • Revenue and profit forecast for 5 years, broken down annually
  • Ready-to-use tables and charts for the startup pitch deck


The financial model is a key component of the business plan that allows evaluating the real commercial potential of a new business. The startup's financial model is a crucial tool when attracting investments for a new project. Key financial forecasts are always reflected in the pitch deck, and in the stages following the presentation, investors' specialists examine the model in detail. A well-crafted financial model for a mobile app enables the calculation of the company's profit based on the project roadmap, establishes the alignment of revenues and expenses, assesses the scalability of the product, and calculates the amount of required investments.

Using our financial model template, you'll be able to answer questions such as:
- How much money is needed to invest in the launch and development of the app?
- What profit will the product generate?
- When will the project break even when starting from scratch?
- What will be the expense structure of the mobile application?
- Which business model is more advantageous for your mobile app?
- Which promotion channels will be most effective?


A ready-to-use and easily customizable financial model template specifically designed for a mobile application, available in both Google Sheets and Excel formats. It includes three monetization models for a mobile app: subscription, advertising, and in-app purchases. The model allows you to calculate all these scenarios and understand which model will be effective for your product.

You fill in the tabs with input data specific to your case (there are comments in the table guiding you on filling in each cell). Based on the entered data, the model generates calculations for revenues, expenses, monthly users, and other key indicators of the mobile appl on a monthly basis. It provides forecasts for profit and loss reports, cash flow, and balance. Data on the required investment amount, breakeven point, and charts depicting the dynamics and structure of revenues and expenses are presented on a separate sheet.

You can view the model file in PDF format through the link.


  • Three revenue streams: "Subscription," "Advertising," "In-App Purchases."
  • Planning revenue and expense dynamics based on the project roadmap.
  • Accounting for app store commissions.
  • Calculation of customer acquisition costs.
  • Consideration of user retention and churn.
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation of fixed assets.
  • Automatic calculation of salary increases.
  • Determination of breakeven point and investment amount for startup launch and development.
  • Visualization of key indicators through graphs.